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Want to have your cheap binary options trading imagination expanded? Want to go places in your soul you've never been before? This is my goal in writing spiritual science fiction: to create something so beautiful that it pulls you in and changes you somehow. Writing "Faith Awakened" changed my life, and I hope it will do option trading singapore the same for my readers.

I want to aim at fiction's highest goal: to touch people with the heart of God.  If we tell intense stories of normal everyday people, and paint vivid pictures with sharp edges, bright colours, rich textures, it will get in people's hearts. 

Spiritual science fiction bridges the gap between traditional humanistic science fiction and singapore binary options our Christian faith as a living, breathing reality. Many have said it couldnít be done. But so many books out there today prove  itís possible. All it needs is a little tolerance on both sides. 

Let me tell you, itís worth it. 

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